This is the last day before the members of The icehouse take a Summer break. But before we leave for a mysterious journey, somewhere in a faraway land, we would like to (re)introduce our project Mon Village est Magique (MVEM for friends).

MVEM has evolved during several years, started as a series of short novels (5 books by Simon Mesnard), became a project of animated movie (the complete storyboard was even created), until it finally became a project of cooperative comic book.

You can now read the beginning of book 1 of MVEM, The Secret of the Medallion, on the following page for free:

As a cooperative project, MVEM will introduce the work of several artists from all the world, each using their own style to give life to this book.

Different styles, several illustrators, one story.

The whole MVEM project, since its very beginning in 2009, relies on the help of Dayan Dewaele. Unfortunately, Dayan could never finish his work, due to job obligations. It is in tribute to him that we decided to share his unfinished page.

Illustrator 1 - Dayan Dawaele

The next part was continued by Simon Mesnard, the author of the original MVEM books. Simon illustrated quite a lot of pages at once, in order to launch the project. His peculiar style is due to the technique he used: characters and backgrounds are in 3D cell shading.
Simon would like to thank again Olivier Pichard for his help with the layout.

Illustrator 2 - Simon Mesnard

Finally, we will introduce the work of Yves, the brother of Simon. Yves created 2 pages and brings a new style, less cartoonish, to the project. The result reminds of his usual speed paintings and we really like it!

Illustrator 3 - Yves Mesnard

The good news is that we already have 2 talented illustrators to continue the story.

We are very happy to say that Andrea Ferrera will be the 4th illustrator. You may have discovered his work in our collective, because he works with Ape Marina on a game called “Tales”. He is also the author of these beautiful watercolors.

And last but not least, Yawen Zheng, the author of this wonderful short film, will be our 5th illustrator.

The whole project benefits of a good english localisation by Roger Kilroy-Talbot. Thank you again Roger!

We really hope you will enjoy the beginning of the story (there’s much more than the 3 pages above) and that you want to read the sequel soon. The online version of this book will always be free, so please follow us to discover the next pages when they release!

Of course, if you’re an illustrator who like the project and want to contribute, we will be very happy to welcome you. Do NOT hesitate to get in touch!

Next pages will probably be published in September/October on the site.

Don’t miss the video teaser too:

I thought that I could post some of the illustrations of Beckoning Cat, that maybe some of you would be curious to discover the art of the author of the game Chilie. He has a good style that is quite easy to identify among others, and I think I will probably share more of his work here sometimes.

It’s probably the good moment to remind that Beckoning Cat is currently working on an all new project of game. You can follow the work in project and research on The icehouse.


Look at that! The idea is so great. Two planets joining together by an ocean. Epic!

It’s been quite some time that we follow this illustrated story on Tumblr, and it’s getting better all the time. The style and colours are excellent for the genre. If you’re like us a fan of comic books and sci-fi, you should probably have a look at the Amnia Cycle by dustinweaver!