Newsletter #1


Newsletter – September 2014

Welcome to the first of what, we hope, will be many monthly newsletters that are intended to let you all know what is happening within our collective, where we all are in terms of the many projects we are working on, and where we would like to involve you, or ask for your help and, as we have said before, we welcome your opinions.

By now you will probably know that the Icehouse is an open and independent creators’ collective that, for now, only exists online. The principle purpose of the collective is to gather together talented but currently unknown artists who share common ideas. Please have a look around, find out more about us, and if you have or are considering a project that is home/self-made, maybe we can work together?

This newsletter is intended to keep you up to date with our projects, and also let you know critical dates, give you access to demos, images, press releases, etc. in relation to all of our members and their work that is currently in progress:


Simon Says Watch! Play!

Simon, together with his various collaborators and friends is working on a variety of different projects (some of which you will probably be already aware of):

Catyph: The Kunci Experiment

Simon has recently published artworks for the fourth region in the game “Darnaha” on the Black Cube BlogSpot , (below is an example showing the level of detail that he is currently working with),



And he is currently about to start work on the fifth region named “Raju”.  Like all the membership of the collective, Simon is having to adjust to being recently back from holiday and is currently working very hard to complete all of the initial designs for all of the regions included in the game.

As you may have seen from the TIG forums , this is only a small part of what is a very large volume of work that is associated with making the game. We all hope that the game will be completed as soon as possible, and will, of course, continue to keep you updated on his progress. For further details about the game, how it looks to date, and for videos, downloads, music and other news please have a look at the dedicated website .

Mon Village est Magique - Books  & Cooperative Comic Book

Behind the “Black Cube Series” – (La Tour De L’Espace, ASA, The Black Tower, Catyph, etc.) lies a series of magical books for children which is called “Mon Village est Magique”- “My Magical Village”, which tells the stories of two brothers and their adventures in both space and time.

Several years after their initial creation, Simon is now working on finally releasing the stories in two different formats:

  • A series of self-published books (either in hard-copy or digital format – we do not yet know which, or if both!) available in both the original French, and in English. Simon is currently working with RKT on the translation of the first book into English, and we will keep you up to date with how this proceeds.


  • A Co-operative Comic Book – similar to the work that has been done by other artists, e.g. , Simon has taken his initial book from the series “The Secret of the Medallion”, and has invited other artists to contribute comic book pages built around the story that will, eventually, form the whole book.  To date no fewer than four artists are or have been involved, and Simon would only be too happy to hear from anyone else who would be interested to contribute graphics to the project. He can be contacted, in this regard, via the Project itself

For the latest on all the projects around Mon Village est Magique, please visit

ASA: A Space Adventure

Some of you may be aware that ASA: A Space Adventure (the game) is in the process of launching on Steam. There are currently a number of technical and logistical issues surrounding the release, all of which we hope will soon be resolved. What we can advise, however, is that we are expecting a major news release in the near future regarding this specific project which we are certain will be of great interest to both potential future owners of the game and, also, to existing owners.

Unfortunately, for now, we are unable to release any other information, but please keep an eye on TheIcehouse website, on and also on Steam




Beckoning Cat

Following the release of Chilie  Yves is hard at work on the initial concepts for a new project. Very little is currently known at this time (the project does not have a working title yet), but, if Chilie is anything to go by, the graphic content is going to be both unique, and of a very high standard.

We are currently eagerly awaiting news about the game, but for now, you can find some images that Yves has drafted up on TheIcehouse website and on the Devlog




Also feel free to look at the amazing graphics on Yves’ own Website





Andrea and his friends at ApeMarina are working very hard on their latest project “Tales”. Tales is a game based in a library, so books are central to both the story and form the “games within the game”. To date ApeMarina has completed no fewer than four Books – Gilgamesh, King Arthur, Pantagruel, and, just yesterday, Popul Vuh.

Andrea has been good enough to send us (hot off the press) three images from Popul Vuh, which form part of the game within this particular book.



You will find the latest information (and a downloadable Tech-demo) on their website ApeMarina have already completed other projects, details of which can also be found on their website. Other details are also available on their Tumblr

Other News

Some of “Best Friends" are on the move:

Our friends Atelier Sento , have currently relocated to Japan (again), for a period of about 3 months, and we wish them the best in their relocation and with their current projects, including The Coral Cave

If you have any comments, require any further information, or are interested in specific projects and/or would like to join us, please visit for further information, contacts, links etc.

TheIcehouse Team

Simon @SimonSays: Watch! Play!

Yves @Beckoning Cat

Andrea @apemarina

Roger @RKT

Tales is a 3rd person adventure game created by Andrea/ Ape Marina. The adventure is divided into several parts related to different books. Three books were already finished: Gilgamesh, King Arthur and Pantagruel, each of them taking the Player into a new world full of colors and discoveries. The 4th book, “popol Vuh”, is finally complete. It will contain several mini-games and 1st-person puzzles, such as in the attached pictures.

You can learn more about Tales on the website of Ape Marina.

Yesterday, Simon received his copy of The Legend of Novo 1, by Amir Avitzur and Sage M. Einarsen. He took photos of the book and thought you might want to see them. The quality of the product is very good.

The Legend of Novo tells the story of Ashley. She’s a young girl who loves books and history, and she is given the opportunity to travel through time. Ashley also has a mysterious power, but we can’t tell you more!

If you’re curious about this series, you can visit their website and read the book online for free, or directly go to the shop and buy your own printed copy.

The authors are now thinking of the creation of book 2… We wish them good luck!


If you want to see true Art, please watch this. You won’t regret!


Spera: Making of a Comic Page

Watch us as we work on a comic page, from the first sketch to the color. Everything is made on paper using pencils, drawing gum and watercolor.
Feel free to ask if you have any question about the process.

Spera: Ascension of the Starless
Chapter 2
Scenario: Josh Tierney
Art: Atelier Sentô

The book is coming this fall. We can’t wait for it!

The music in the video is from Spera II Original Soundtrack by Giannis Milonogiannis.
Download the album for free right here.