This is our 3rd article in the series “Andrea will be at the Lucca Festival”! Today we will focus on the game Tales, that Andrea will present during the Svilupparty event.


"Dear Sviluppers! We have made an agreement with the magnificent Lucca Comics & Games, which will host a dedicated space in the Pavilion Carducci for Svilupparty! where every day for the 4 days of the event, the guests will be 4+ italian indie devs."

  • THURSDAY 30/10 

Chubby Pixel Woodle Tree
48h Studio Avoid; ExGenesis
» Ape Marina, Tales «
Dodge FableScape 2 

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Presentation of the game Tales:

Alfred recently becomes the custodian of an ancient library. Because of a series of strange coincidences, he doesn’t follow the instructions the elder custodian left him and browses through a small, dusty black book. Doing this act frees Oblivion, the demonic destroyer of stories that accompanied mankind since the dawn of time. Millennia ago, Oblivion was defeated by Gilgamesh, the legendary king of Uruk and the brave protagonist of the first story of mankind. Alfred, who soon realizes that the library’s books are not just ordinary books, is called upon to repeat this feat, travelling from book to book and meeting legendary characters that will help him to save once again our stories.”

In the festival, there will be a PC station where players can try Tales.
Thursday is the first day of the event, and there will be a relative calm, the ideal to try an adventure game!

Two days ago, we posted a first article about the Lucca Festival in Italy. The reason is that Andrea/Ape Marina will be present there to show their game Tales. If you’re interested in 3rd person adventure games inspired by old-school Sierra or Lucas Arts games, then you may want to meet Andrea at the festival?

ApeMarina at Lucca Comics and Games:

In the Games Pavilion there will be a “Svilupparty Corner” (first photo above)

Svilupparty is an annual event (called a “party”) that was created to celebrate the work of Italian developers. Svilupparty is not just an event, but is a virtual location where companies, indie developers, enthusiasts and retro-gamers can meet to talk about their projects. Svilupparty is organized by Ivan Venturi, (seen above left) who is a distinguished member of the Italian gaming scene.

When, during last May, Ape marina (= Andrea) was in Bologna at the Svilupparty 2014, they were invited to show Tales in the Svilupparty corner on Thursday 30th October at Lucca Comics and Games.

In a previous article, we were happy to announce that our Member Andrea will be at the Lucca Comics and Games annual Festival in Italy, where he will have the opportunity to present a playable version of his game in development: Tales. We have decided to write a series of short articles in order to let you know more about this festival, the game Tales and several other things you may be interested in. If you have the opportunity to travel to Lucca city by the end of the month, maybe you will meet Andrea there! Let us know ;)

About the Lucca festival:

Lucca Comics & Games is an annual International Comic Book, Animation, Illustration and Gaming Festival/Convention that normally takes place at the end of October in Lucca, Italy.

It was launched in 1966, and the event has grown in size and importance over the years. It started out in one small square in the center of Lucca, then in the 1980s was moved to a sports center outside the city walls. In 2006, for the 40th anniversary, the fair moved back to the city center, with numerous tents and pavilions arranged in different squares within the walls of this medieval city.

With 217,646 visitors in 2013 (including press, guests and organization members 264,454 visitors), it is the second most popular comic fair in Europe (after the Angoulême Comics Festival in France) and the third in the world (the first being the Comiket in Tokyo, Japan).